In Spring 2021, I road-tripped the Southwest to better understand the Colorado River: the dams, the diversions, and the different populations it serves.

My goal was to grasp this mind-boggling system well enough to explain every major development along the river to a fifth grader. This article shares what I learned.

Two excellent books informed my journey—Cadillac Desert (1993) and Where the Water Goes (2017)—with plenty of help from Wikipedia. If I’ve gotten something wrong, or you think I’ve missed an important piece of the puzzle, please reach out: Photographs, unless otherwise noted, are my own.

First things first…

Fall 2020 may be the perfect time to embrace full-time self-directed learning.

This fall, many schools may require part-time or full-time remote schooling, leaving parents in the same tricky situation as they found themselves in the spring.

Balancing the demands of remote schooling with a full-time job is a stretch for some — and downright impossible for others.

Yet even those parents who can do remote schooling may not want to, because they’ve seen how mind-numbing it is for their kids to sit through countless hours of video calls each day.

These parents may also have gotten a rare glimpse into their kid’s classrooms, and they weren’t impressed by what they saw…

It’s October, and the back-to-school magic has worn off. Reality is setting in. High school is slowly sucking the life from you — and you’re going to spend the next seven months here.

Maybe you go to a “good” school. Maybe you have caring teachers, empathetic administrators, or a project-based curriculum. None of this makes up for the fact that, essentially, you’re stuck in a trap of someone else’s design.

You spend your days sitting in a sterile room, compelled to do work you don’t care about. You’re prohibited from learning at your own pace and surrounded by stressed-out peers…

An online book about nomadic living for twenty- and thirty-somethings.

How to Live Nowhere is about living life without a fixed address. It’s for those who:

  • Haven’t yet found a place where they want to live year-round — or wonder if such a place even exists
  • Feel most alive when moving, traveling, exploring, and making new connections
  • Want to create a location-independent lifestyle that’s mentally, emotionally, financially, and romantically sustainable

I’m Blake Boles, and I wrote this book to share what I’ve learned from living nomadically for a full decade.

At age 22, I finished college knowing only one thing: I didn’t want to stay in one place. I wanted…

Blake Boles

Author: Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids to School? / Founder: Unschool Adventures /

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